A random Facebook status update from today:

“My new iPhone just took a ride on the outside back end of my car from the…Tag agency to a…pharmacy. What a thrill it must have had and it’s still alive!”

What is so interesting about this status and why do I quote it in here? Just thinking about the whole story, with this above situation, what little I know, makes me think that if I were in a similar situation, I probably would not have the same upbeat sentiments, at least as upbeat as this person was.

In everyday life, we all face similar situations (that could be frustrating if we choose) and we make them so much worse in our minds that they end up draining us of any joy or peace we had, if we had any to begin with. You can’t find your car keys, so you freak out. You lose something after you had it ten minutes prior, so you start panicking. You’re working on a work-related document or project and you typically save as you go. Then, when it’s critical, you forget to save, the computer freezes and you lose valuable work; you blow up with frustration.

The reality is, we have no reason to worry or even to be upset at the random interruptions of life. As I read in one devotional, sometimes interruptions are God’s way of speaking to us. At the end of the day, no matter what struggles we endure, minor or major, we are always in God’s hands and our security is in Him. He knows what we are going through every moment of every day and He will sustain us till the end.

So this is just an encouragement: do not let the little frustrations in life bring you down and steal your joy that comes from God!

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