The box. The box you don’t want to escape. The box that has four corners that contain your safety threshold. The box that keeps you stuck and not growing.

Your whole life, you hear that life is about progressive growth. Yet when the time comes to grow, you want to stay safe, in your box.

You’ve carefully constructed your box over the years, and you have deliberately chosen to limit the extents of your life, to not allow too much change in.

But there comes a point when you can stay at the same level of “good,” or what you consider “good,” for the rest of your life, or you can take a risk, a step, that has an unclear end, although it holds great promises.

I was privileged to teach a VBS class last week to 10-year-olds. When I taught the principle of faith, and the idea of stepping out in faith, it wasn’t difficult to grasp. In their 10-year-old minds, it was easy to figure out what it means, in words. But when you get older and the time comes for you to take a step of extreme faith and put it into action, it’s not so easy.

My personal challenge lately has been stay in the status quo and do what I’ve been doing, or do something extraordinary and progress in life. And as difficult as it is to make a decision that allows the foreign element of change into the box of life you’ve so carefully constructed, you must, or you will stagnate.

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