An observation by David Crowder from his book “Praise Habit”:

Much of our energy as Christians-attempting-to-live-devoted-lives centers on the development of patterns or activities to strengthen or deepen our “spiritual” selves, … such as corporate worship, or scholastic theological study, or quiet times, or praying before meals. And we think that if we pray before a meal, it will set this moment apart and other unbelieving peoples might observe our devoutness and we will make a statement that will surely cause them to stop in their tracks. Then leaving that brief holy event well behind, feeling our obligation to “otherness” consummated, we engross ourselves in the devouring of burgers and French fries. But it is in the moments that follow our prayers that we are able to follow the trail of our true affections, our hidden motivations. It is in the gluttonous idolatry or tearful gratefulness that we consume the burger. It is in our conversations over the meal – the valuing or devaluing of the ones with whom we find ourselves exchanging conversation. It is found in the gratuity at the end of the meal.

“Praise Habits: Finding God in Sunsets and Sushi” by David Crowder (Copyright 2004 David Crowder, THINK/NavPress)

One thought on ““Our true affections” – from David Crowder

  1. *obligations…lol. who edited that book. jk

    thats awesome, very true. Ive never thought of it like that before. haha, I do exactly that though. I pray out loud-thinking it’ll make someone think, but after the prayer, i never think about it again.

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