Potential (as defined by Merriam-Webster):
“something that can develop or become actual”

Inside each person there is potential to become something great, but too often there are obstacles that stop many from reaching their full potential and thus impacting the lives they could have.

We are all designed by God with a specific skill set or talents to achieve a particular purpose, regardless of how worthless we might perceive ourselves to be.

Far too often, and this is especially true for myself, it is when we focus on comparing ourselves and our accomplishments to that of others that we completely miss what gifts and talents God has given us and forget that we can excel in something that others can’t.

Some people look at others and perceive that those people have it all together, their balance in life is good. And they begin to think they can never be like those “together” people. Like they’re too messed up to be brought back to order.

We all have a place in life, and even if it seems unimportant to us, understand that in God’s eyes your purpose is very important, even if it is something that you do not see as relevant and essential or as good as someone else’s position or role. Keep in mind that God has all of time in His hand, and nothing happens by accident to anyone.

Don’t let your life go by without using the potential God has given you. Let God use you, and be willing to follow where he leads; there is no other worthy route.

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