I admit I’ve used the expression “experience of a lifetime” quite a few times throughout my life so far, but considering all the life experiences and roles I’ve had thus far, I can say being in the core leadership for ICPF Awake 2010 was by far the most transformative experience I’ve had.

The few times I’ve used this expression include when in 2005-2006 I was serving as the Oklahoma DECA State Reporter, a role I hardly anticipated. And that did transform my personality, as did my time as a student at the University of Central Oklahoma.

But with this experience, I had the privilege of organizing an event, with the best committee ever to work with, for about 600 young people and adults for a weekend where the Holy Spirit took control and touched lives. Looking back at the seven months of planning that went into the camp, I can say I am amazed and astounded that God would see fit to use someone like me, with all my flaws, in such a role, yet everything happened for His glory. I learned so much about leadership, about dealing with people, about dealing with logistics, and overall how to ensure that things happen according to plan.

And it was an absolute privilege working with the various committees and people who made this camp happen. I know thanks have already been said to everyone, so I’ll surmise by saying it was an unforgettable experience and I wish it could have lasted longer.

The question now is, where does all this take me? Despite what my circumstances may be, I stand firm in the knowledge that my God is faithful and sovereign and He has a plan for me that is perfect according to Him, so I just simply have to trust in Him.

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