I signed up a while ago for Pastor Jentezen Franklin’s podcast updates on iTunes. But apparently I hadn’t updated it in a while. And so in the midst of this snowstorm and down period of my life, I updated the podcast and a message entitled “It Can’t End This Way” came up.

I listened to it, and from the very start I was encouraged that this was a message from God just for me in this time.

Because you see, it doesn’t matter what your past is. There are very likely many regrets you are living with right now, as am I. But there’s an urgent message for the body of Christ now, and that now, especially now, is not the time to give up on your God-given purpose in life, on your dreams, on the vision that you have for your life.

If you’re like me, when things get rough, it is hard to hold and the temptation to lose faith and move backward is very strong. Especially when the weak areas of your life are bearing you down and causing you to stress. Especially when it seems like failure is knocking on your door every day. And you constantly wonder why you keep messing up, and you keep getting frustrated at yourself.

But as Pastor Franklin’s message states, It Can’t End This Way! There is a divine purpose for your life, people you are supposed to impact, and you are meant to glorify God with your life. So it doesn’t matter what the past has been, we as believers must choose to make our futures better. And it is entirely dependent on us making a choice to do so, not just hearing about it.

A thought from Pastor Franklin’s message:
Isaiah 6:4: And the post of the door moved at the voice of Him who cried, and suddenly the house was filled with smoke. Another word for post is “Pillar” – The pillar was there from the beginning, for years, and notice the glory doesn’t come until the pillars start moving.

If we can get the pillars to move again at the sound of His voice.

Can this be your testimony:
“I started in the fire and I’m not going to end up in smoke.”

God is looking for some people who can say ‘It doesn’t matter how rocky or how rough the day has been, but the sun hasn’t set yet, and it can’t end this way.

Can we make this statement today? Can we let go of the past and move forward?

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