The 2004 book by Pastor Art Sepulveda (Word of Life Church – Hawaii) “How to Live Life on Purpose” is a very practical book in regards to finding the meaning in your life and living in a way that follows that God-given purpose and not just whatever path comes your way.

I’m in the middle of Chapter 1, which emphasizes Art’s point that we need to “Value the Power of Vision” and he offers this definition:
Vision is the ability to see God’s presence, perceive God’s power, and focus on God’s plan in spite of obstacles.

The quote that precedes this chapter is “Vision is a mental picture of a future state” – Casey Treat. Art states that most people today live in one of two realms, neither of which exist: the past and the future. Why? Because they don’t understand the need of a strategy for the present in order to leave the past and and powerfully step into a better future.

If you ask most people today what they envision for their future, what would they say? Would they have a specific outlook for their life that is their vision for their life? How important is it to have a vision for your future?

I know for me this was a challenging thought, especially this particular reflection from Pastor Art:
Many years ago at a conference I heard Dr. David Yongi Cho, the pastor of one of the largest churches in the world, make a statement that challenged the course of my life then and that continues to be a “journey maker” for clarity in my life today. He said, “Show me your vision, and I’ll show you your future.” Then he said, “If you can’t tell me about your vision, what you’re saying is that you have no future; and if you can’t describe your future, you’re unclear about your vision.”
This shocked me as I realized that by omitting one-a clear vision-I had automatically disqualified myself for achieving the other-a meaningful future. As a young college graduate, I had a great deal of knowledge, but I had no clear vision of my future. Only when I allowed God to paint a picture of my future on the tablets of my heart, did I begin to understand the power of vision. It was then that I saw my vision as a strategy to take me out of my present and into my future.

I aim to continue this chapter’s thoughts later, but let these thoughts challenge you at this moment. I know I was impacted, especially by the lines I bolded. I am a recent college graduate, yet I have no clear vision for my future. Yes I have ideas and vague plans, but I have yet to clearly define what that is.

What is your status? Do you have a vision? Do you know where you want to be in the future? On a deeper note, is your vision God-centered or self-centered?

Anyhow, more later on.

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