For the past few months, or perhaps longer, I’ve been in a rut. I’ve been in a place where nothing seems to be happening that is exciting or meaningful anymore. Like everything is just one big cycle where things are the same endlessly.

That changed tonight. God took a random project I was involved in and clarified to me how provident He is. Here I was thinking, I was just aimlessly roaming around, seeking His will, or simply claiming to be seeking His will. But tonight, I discovered a man whose passion is ministry in the most unlikely of scenarios. I was involved with a short film project with a few friends from school, and one of the guys I met through the process is an active Christian who uses his filmmaking skills to minister to others. From the few moments I spent talking with him, I can tell, God willing, we can accomplish some great things in the future for His glory and expanding His kingdom.

The best part about this is that God is active in my life, sometimes I just lose sight of that. I thought I was just doing this film for fun and spontaneity, but through it I found I am in the will of God. Praise God that I am finally inspired to clean up my life (in so many ways) and be proactive about it!

My inspiration seemingly came from thin air, but it was from the hand of God. That is the God I serve.

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