Whether it’s work or school or your family life, one thing is always for sure, the best people come into your life, make an impact, then leave just when things get good and you’re used to them there.

Over the past year I’ve had the chance to become acquainted with Abel Musuka, a Zambian student at Rhema Bible Training Center in Broken Arrow, Okla. I had heard of him when he first led an original song, “Completely Anointed”, at a youth camp held in Texas. From that moment on, he became a part of the Pentecostal Malayalee community and a friend to many.

To know personally how amazing of a person he is and how he is used by God to make such a difference with his music is indeed a privilege.

In his own words, he saw a friend’s life changed when singing his song “Completely Anointed”.

The lyrics speak for themselves:
“When I look back at Life, To think of how we used to be
I can’t imagine Lord, of all the things you’ve done for me
How you picked me, how you washed, how you set me free
You sent your Son to set me free from my iniquities
Lord I love you, Lord I trust you, Lord I lift your name
As I sing this song to say what’s on my heart

I am Anointed, Completely Anointed
I am Anointed, Completely Anointed
In Jesus Name
In Jesus Name

–BRIDGE (echo)
I’m on Fire (Im on Fire)
I’m on Fire (Im on Fire)”

This is just one of many songs that touched so many of the youth that have heard this beautifully written music. Other songs, such as “Fire Shut Up in My Soul” and “Overcomers” show how he has continued to let the Spirit lead him into writing impactful, life-changing songs.

Before he left, I had the privilege of helping him fix a small piece on his acoustic guitar. It took an hour or so of driving to and from the same places, but in the end I helped him get his guitar back to working order, and it was privilege to help such an anointed man of God and simply to be his acquaintance.

After his recent graduation, he is back in Zambia serving as a youth pastor. I will keep his ministry in prayer and encourage you to as well.

God bless!

One thought on ““Good people come and go”

  1. I MISS ABEL! one day i’ll see him again!!.. .but he probally get freaked out cuz i look scary. =/

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